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Integrated Marketing Intern

May 2018 - August 2018 Chicago, IL
“Integrated Marketing in the eyes of the bank has a lot to do with technology and customer data. I received such great insight into marketing technologies - specifically Adobe, however, they all operate in similar fashions. They were also extremely inviting to new ideas and concepts - even those that has nothing to do with technologies I was working on. For example, I thought of an idea for a marketing campaign and my boss allocated time for me to pursue that. U.S. Bank has a program set up for interns, which also involves getting to have presentations for the senior leaders at the Bank. Those presentations were extremely transparent and interns were allowed to ask questions, which was nice for networking opportunities.”
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Given your experience at US Bank, how would you describe their company culture?

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What qualities are going to stand out in an interview for a personal banker position at US Bank?

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Does U.S. Bank offer any mentorship programs for their interns or employees?

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