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What does it take to be an uber driver? Are they very strict in their requirements for applicants?

Being a ride-share driver requires more than just basic driving skills to be successful, not to say that being a good driver doesn’t help immensely - because it certainly does. A background in customer service is helpful, but good common sense, a friendly and respectful attitude, and an active ap...
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How much ownership/control over my work can I have as an Uber driver?

As a driver at Uber there is full control of when and where I want to work. But as driving in Columbus, Georgia, there isn’t much work during the weekdays and the weekends are the only time to find decent work. So even though I can chose to work, I have to go out during the weekends. The pay rate...
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How is the company culture at Uber?

Your experience of the culture will be based on the team you are in. Some of the teams are very intense and have poor work-life balance. Some teams are responsible for more mature products and so have better work-life balance.
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Anyone know how the training for an Uber driver looks like? Is there one?

There wasn’t any training involved just as long as you had a license, reliable car, and they would do a background check.
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Can someone tell me what they like/dislike about being a driver at Uber?

What I enjoyed about working for uber as a driver was the flexibility. The pay was also good especially because of the tips. Newberg is located in a wine valley so many of the people I would pick up were high class people and gave good tips. Can’t think of anything really about disliking it the d...
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Does anyone know if Uber has a mentorship program?

As far as I have knowledge Uber does not provide mentorship programs but they do have volunteer programs which help fresh high school or college students with zero experience gain practical working knowledge on the inner working systems of an MULTI-BILLION dolor company. They provide paid and UN-...
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What is the training like for a Software Engineering Intern at Uber?

Three day orientation/education program with hands-on labs led by Uber engineers to help you get familiar with some useful tools you'll be using throughout your internship.
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I know this varies a lot by city but, on average, how much does an Uber driver make per hour?

There is no hourly rate or salary at Uber. You are paid for each fare you complete, and the amount will be determined by the distance, time, and demand for drivers. You keep 80% of each fare and Uber keeps 20%. If you drive during peak times in peak locations you may be able to make $30-$40 an ho...
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How much ownership will i have over my work as a Software Engineering Intern at Uber?

You can be made in charge of a project all on your own so at the end of the internship, people will recognize that the project is yours. If you choose, you can work on existing projects with members of the team as well.
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What is it like to be a Driver at Uber?

Typically I reserve my mornings to taking care of personal tasks like going to the gym, completing homework, and taking care of errands. Once I finish my morning, whether I end up back at home or finish a task somewhere around town, I am ready to work and I sign in to Uber, regardless of where I'...
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Strategies to negotiate salary for a job at Uber?

The key to negotiating is knowledge. If you don't know what you're worth, how do you know whether or not a company is overpaying you or underpaying you? The key to knowing how much you're worth is ultimately competing offers. Just because you know a friend at Facebook earning x amount of dollars ...
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Is there an interview to become an uber driver?

When I worked for Uber there was no interview. I completed the application process online. As long as you are able to pass a background check, and have your vehicle in god standing, you were able to start working relatively quickly. If you were to interview with them I would highlight being able ...
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Is there a good work/life balance as a Driver at Uber?

Uber offers a fantastic work-life balance! The flexibilty of driving for Uber and the ability to work as many hours as I want (within the labor law requirements) are the two greatest perks of driving for Uber. These perks aid in creating an awesome balance between focusing on the things I'm passi...
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What are the main qualities/experiences that I should focus on in an interview to be a Brand Ambassador at Uber?

It is best to utilize skills such as problem solving, empathy, and drive. A future cannidate should use the STAR method (situation, task, action, result) to help explain their impact to the organization and how Uber can benefit from their skill-set.
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How much does an Uber Brand Ambassador make?

In regards to compensation, it depends on the market. I started from a commision based contract to hourly. But a interviewee could expect for their compensation to be around minimum wage within their city.
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What do uber brand ambassadors do on the daily?

A day in the life of an Brand Ambassador at Uber is very calm. If you do not have an event that day all you have to do is get people to sign up for the service. This can include posting on social media or walking up to people. It fits into your regular schedule really well.
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