UbiQD, Inc.

Manufacturing Engineering Intern

September 2022 • Los Alamos, NM

What I liked

Advanced materials being harnessed through light power to generate energy. Manufacturing solar windows is a great job. It feels like I am contributing to a greener and energy efficient world. The culture and the professionalism which I got here was commendable. I hone a different skills set from different parts of science and engineering.

What I wish was different

I worked under different hats completing many various task . The reason being under this internship I would like get all the information and training about the professional world which I missed out during my previous internships. The company is growing fast and I wish It grows more bigger with everyone's effort.


Making impossible , possible is not a difficult task. It is just that you need proper channel and resources to make things happen. " Nothing is impossible". Also reach out when you do not understand as it will block your progress. Don't be scared of your supervisors respect them and connect with the for better development.
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