Ultra Mobile

Software Engineer Intern

July - September 2018 • Costa Mesa, CA

What I liked

Real life experience. The environment is like a computer science lab class where there are just a couple long desks and people can sit next to each other and talk. It was very lenient; you can get up whenever you want and take a break , play ping pong, basketball, skiball, wii, playstation, gamecube, and other video games. The people were really nice, and the most important thing is that I really learned a lot.

What I wish was different

I wish it hadn't been too lenient. The first week, I was ramping up and setting up my environment, and the second week, I was just joining the team, but I was supposed to be on a separate project. Turned out that I was the only intern for that team and the only intern they hired for the internship. Wasn't necessarily bad, but I really can't say many negative things about this place and experience. I actually liked that I was the only intern, and I got to work alongside the real E-commerce team on production. I just wish they had told me that I would be the only intern.


If there is something you prefer (like having more teammates or working individually or anything else), you should ask about it before it actually begins.
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