About UniMovers

UniMovers, formerly College Movers, helps university and college students work their way through college with high-paying jobs. We also give back to students and our local communities, by donating a portion of our revenue to the Working Student Scholarship, and a local initiative.

UniMovers also enables local entrepreneurial-minded folks to start their own company with little start-up cost. We eliminate the ridiculous upfront cost of developing and maintaining a website, creating and managing ads, and expensive custom apparel.

We have locations in Iowa, North Carolina, South Carolina, and Rhode Island.


Digital Operations & Social Engagement Manager

June 2021 - August 2021 Cedar Rapids, IA
“My boss was incredible in giving me opportunities to grow and learn. He always answered questions and worked closely with me when necessary while also giving me creative freedoms. I was able to network and add to my resume and develop or add skills I didn't have when I began the internship.”
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