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About Uniting for Action

Uniting for Action was founded in 2017 to address all of our challenges, local to global, including climate change, social justice, health equity, domestic abuse, pollution, and every issue that people care about.

The systems we create leverage the following:
* Win-win’s
* Collective strategic solutions
* Power of the collective
* Economies of scale
* Crowdsourcing
* Crowdfunding
* Open source systems
* Positive feedback cycles
* Replicable, scalable solutions

Our societal results often fall orders of magnitude short of what’s needed through our current system of thousands of non-profit organizations all addressing the same issue in their own way, with for the most part, very little coordination amongst them.

If a 1000-story building needs to be built, and 1000 organizations are all trying to build their own building, each can only build a one or two-story building. It’s only when they all combine their resources and talents that a 1000-story building can be built.

At Uniting for Action, we’re building the systems that facilitate collective strategic planning, organizing, financing, management, technology, and outreach in order to allow those that want to work collaboratively together to far exceed the output and results than any individual organization can achieve on its own.

Eventually, as more people, and stakeholders, and media see the stark contrast between the alternatives that Uniting for Action is facilitating and the status quo, the choice will be clear. It will become more and more difficult for organizations that are stuck on a go-it-alone approach to survive in a marketplace calling for collaboration.

We’re creating that marketplace, and that demand for a new way of doing things now!

We’re doing it in very specific and tangible ways, including:
* Experts for Action
* Information for Action
* Vaccine Considerations Project

Our students make up and have the opportunity to lead the following teams that meet weekly via Zoom:
* Research
* Outreach
* Production
* Recruitment
* Website
* Business

We’re seeking students in all disciplines, including the following designated areas of opportunity:
* Public Health
* Medical
* Infographic design
* Graphic design
* Video production
* Website development
* Database development
* Business administration
* Management
* Human resources
* Recruitment
* Journalism
* Media relations
* Influencer relations
* Social media management

It’s a once in a lifetime opportunity to be in on the ground floor of what we’re creating.

We work with you to custom design your internship/practicum/capstone to reflect your interests and goals, so your potential to significantly impact the issues you most care about is only limited by your imagination and your determination.

We provide serious applicants with a behind-the-scenes tour of the systems and technologies we’re building. Once you see what our version of the future looks like, you can decide if you want to be a part of bringing it into the world.

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Project Manager

February 2021 Denver, CO
“Though my time as an intern for the Vaccine Considerations Project hasn't been long thus far, I can already say that this organization prioritizes the health and wellness of all who are considering vaccinating themselves against COVID-19. They believe in science, research, and informed consent when it comes to the public and their decision about which vaccine is right for them and their families. Leadership within the organization has been a pleasure to work with, and they genuinely care about ensuring this project aligns with my future career path and professional goals. Through the VCP's efforts, there will hopefully be a decrease in vaccine hesitancy, and as a result, a brighter and safer future for everyone. For any student looking into internship and practicum opportunities, I highly recommend considering the Vaccine Considerations Project.”

Public Health Intern

June 2021 - December 2021 Denver, CO
“I enjoyed the freedom to work on projects that I was interested in and the unique opportunities that I was given. The entire team is so encouraging and helpful. Everyone encouraged me to come out of my shell and showed me great support. I was able to increase my skills in multiple fields, like analysis, leadership, and public speaking. I also got to increase my skills in areas I previously thought I was not interested in! ”
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