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About University of Arizona - Thrive Center

Thrive Center is part of the Student Success & Retention Innovation (SSRI) unit which supports the success of all undergraduate students at the University of Arizona. SSRI increases retention and graduation rates through strengths-based programming, evidence-based practices, and robust assessment. SSRI serves as a leader in public higher education for student success and degree completion. Our sister offices include the Advising Resource Center (ARC), C.A.T.S. Academics, SALT Center, THINK TANK and the Transfer Student Center. Learn more about SSRI.

Thrive Center’s mission is to advance a community where students successfully navigate through, excel in, and graduate from the University of Arizona prepared for life after college.

Thrive Center's work is focused on three distinct areas related to student persistence and degree attainment:

1. Building community for students who have been historically underrepresented on college campuses, are low-income, and/or are first generation college students.
2. Collaborating across campus to serve students.
3. Centering students' wellness in and outside of the classroom.

1. Put student needs first
2. Offer direct student support
3. Promote a culture of student success
4. Partner for academic and personal success
5. Proactive and early outreach
6. Set clear paths to degree completion
7. Advance educational equity
8. Encourage scholarly leadership


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