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About University of Dayton Research Institute

Since 1956 the University of Dayton Research Institute has helped customers succeed in reaching their research and development goals, solving technical challenges, and transitioning technologies into application. We specialize in research, development, application, and transition of technology in diverse fields, including materials, structures, energy, propulsion, manufacturing, sensors, intelligence, and much more. Our materials engineering research effort alone is the largest in the nation among universities.

Each year, some 300 undergraduate and graduate UD students work on sponsored research programs alongside faculty and UDRI researchers in labs on campus and at Wright-Patterson Air Force base. Combined with classroom education, these experiences prepare students to seamlessly step into jobs in technology, the sciences and engineering upon graduation.


Student Researcher

January 2024 Dayton, OH
“The UDRI Digital Transformation Center (DTC) provides a unique opportunity to explore areas of personal interest and get creative. Throughout my time at the DTC, I had the opportunity to perform research in the areas of robotics, autonomy, and 3D data processing. None of these areas are the focus of the DTC, nor are they specialties of the DTC. However, the DTC maintains a "try and see what happens" mentality, which allowed me to spearhead my own research project which will continue to grow. I am very grateful for the opportunities provided by the DTC team. ”

RI COOP Student Scholar

January 2024 Dayton, OH
“I was tasked with completing mass balances and creating Process Flow Diagrams for our System. I was also tasked with writing papers and creating Test Plans for our System. I liked the environment that UDRI has. It is very welcoming and you have a sense of belonging. My team members were very nice and helpful throughout the whole process. They were always there to help with a project or to steer me in the right direction if I got lost or confused. ”
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