University of Dayton UDRI Structural Materials Division

About University of Dayton UDRI Structural Materials Division

​The Structural Materials division's mission is to solve structural safety, durability, and reliability problems through the development and application of new technology. All of the activities listed below provide critical capabilities for addressing the nation’s aging aircraft/infrastructure problems.

Activities conducted in the division include developing advanced NDE systems for locating and characterizing damage (e.g. cracks and corrosion) as well as developing the methodology for evaluating NDE systems inspection reliability; and developing software for structural risk assessment. Strong capability and experience exists for designing and developing complex hardware/software interfaces for a wide range of test stands and data acquisition systems, including robotic systems.

The division is involved in several aspects of aircraft propulsion, including developing and applying methods to assess and maintain structural integrity of aircraft engine components, evaluating potential icing scenarios for engine inlets, and characterizing the constitutive and failure characteristics of high temperature materials.

Other research thrusts include creating computer-aided tests systems that collect mechanical property data, and developing advanced characterization methods for micro-/nano-scale material properties.

The division also conducts research in user interface design, collaborative systems, human-computer communication, data visualization, safety & training and cognitive systems engineering.​


Advanced Composites Research Co-op

May 2023 - August 2023 Dayton, OH
“I liked the flexibility of this position, there were many different learning opportunities and the hours are fluid. There is a strong sense of teamwork in the division, and everyone is willing to help. Learned how research is conducted from the preparation to the final report. Very nice facilities and state of the art testing machinery made conducting research a clean and organized experience.”

Advanced Manufacturing Intern

May 2023 - August 2023 Dayton, OH
“I really enjoyed the variety of work that took place that allowed me to expand my knowledge. I also really enjoyed getting to work with a close small group of engineers that were very helpful whenever I had questions. One of the best parts about working here was the people everyone was very welcoming as soon as I got here and I felt like it was a great fit. Another major benefit to working here was the flexibility with classes as they emphasized that school takes priority which not everywhere has that emphasis. The final part of this job that I really enjoyed was that at the beginning I was assigned my own project working with cable management on a large robot which really let me expand my horizons in research and working with other people to complete this.”
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