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About University of Haifa

Over 18,000 students from a wide range of ethnic and socio-economic backgrounds are enrolled at the University of Haifa, the largest comprehensive research university in northern Israel, and the most pluralistic institution of higher education in the country. Founded in 1963, the University of Haifa received full academic accreditation in 1972 and, since then, has created and developed a world-class academic institution that is dedicated to academic and research excellence. Through an accelerated growth strategy, the University has established Israel’s first “Multiversity” – a multi-campus institution that promotes extensive interdisciplinary studies and partnerships. The Multiversity is designed improve access to higher education in the North, better prepare students for a dynamic job market and serve as a catalyst for economic expansion and strengthening Israel’s northern region.

As a thriving academic center, the University comprises six faculties, 56 departments, eight schools and 69 research centers and institutes. The University has gained an international reputation in a variety of fields, including public health, security studies, holocaust research, cancer research, neurosciences, bioinformatics, marine sciences, education and epigenetics. The University also offers 18 international graduate programs taught in English language and a Study Abroad program.

The University’s distinctive mission is to foster academic excellence in an atmosphere of tolerance and multiculturalism. Our faculty and student population is unique in its composition. Here, Jews, Arabs, Druze, Haredi and secular students, new immigrants, and military and security personnel come together to study, teach and learn.

Driven by unusual crossings between fields of research and social responsibility we create a new environment, a better community, and a better Israeli society.


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June 2023 - August 2023 Haifa, Haifa District
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June 2022 - August 2022 Haifa, Haifa District
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