Vacation Rentals of Santa Barbara


May - August 2021 • Santa Barbara, CA

What I liked

I liked that it was part time... I was also taking classes at the same time and this job allowed me to use my skills to make some money in a great environment with great employers and coworkers as well as take a full load of summer courses

What I wish was different

Honestly, this was a great experience and the only thing that I wish would have been different would be that I had more hours. I was only working 10-20 hours per week and I had some spare time and could have worked more. There just was not any more work that the company needed me to do at that time above 10-20 hours per week


Summer jobs are great, working for new employers in new environments has forced me to learn to adapt to different leadership styles and to function well in many different settings. Always get a summer job if you can a. for some extra spending money during the year and b. for some great experience at low risk as you are typically only locked in for the summer.
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