Valiant International, Inc.

About Valiant International, Inc.

Valiant has been serving the Automotive sector for over 50 years. We are global full-service supplier of tooling and equipment for every stage of the vehicle manufacturing process. Valiant provides innovative and efficient manufacturing solutions for body manufacturing, engine and transmission production as well as final assembly systems and plastic injection tooling. Our experience ranges from low-volume production machines to highly flexible automated manufacturing systems. Valiant is your partner in creating a lean manufacturing process that meets or exceeds quality requirements and is delivered on time.

Valiant has been serving the Aerospace & Defense sector for over 35 years. We provide a wide range of equipment and tooling, including process holding fixtures, locating jigs and fixtures, work platforms, molds, and testing solutions. Our established commitment to quality, value and efficiency gives our customers a true sense of confidence.

Valiant provides the Heavy Equipment sector with automated production systems that are installed in our customers facilities as well as production machining and fabrication of heavy components that we deliver 'just-in-time.' As a full-service supplier we participate in prototype development, offer complete inspection services and operate in a quality focused environment.

Valiant provides the Consumer Products sector with plastic injection molds and a complete array of secondary tooling and equipment including fixtures, gages and de-gating stations.


Mechanical Design Intern

May 2019 - August 2019 Auburn Hills, MI
“Great people, smaller company”

HSE/HR Intern

September 2017 Auburn Hills, MI
“The people are a lot of fun to work with. My manager is also very understanding of my school schedule and allows me to work very flexible hours. I am also getting experience in recruitment, benefits, payroll, and health/safety.”
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