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About Valor Connect

Our mission is to help people find and capitalize on career opportunities. We build applications that help make networking easy for students & professionals. We believe that people are your #1 asset and that connecting with the right people can help anyone advance their career.

For many, networking, specifically attending networking events, can feel like going into battle. Imagine walking into a conference hall with several hundred other people. You likely put on your best business attire, stocked up on the business cards and meticulously prepped your elevator pitch. You know what “type” of people you’re interested in meeting, but how do you find them? Until now, you probably relied on serendipitously “bumping” into that key contact you’ve been looking for. Or perhaps you’re the directory type that goes through the spreadsheet and cold emailing and leaving voicemails for everyone you’re looking for in hopes of a response? Both these methods have proven to be inefficient and less than effective - we thought there should be a better way... so we created Valor.

What if you could walk into that room and know exactly who you were interested in connecting with? On top of that, what if you were able to already have made plans to meet up with several of them? That's exactly what Valor allows you to do - thus giving you “courage” you need in those networking “battles”.

Our app offers a cutting-edge new approach to finding and connecting with the type of people you're interested in meeting. We ditched the traditional directory-based "outbound" networking approach that was both time-consuming and ineffective. Instead, we revolutionized the concept of "inbound" networking - bringing the best potential new contacts directly to you.

All you do is input basic information (tags) about who you are professionally and the type of people you're interested in meeting professionally. Valor analyzes and compares your data against other users info to determine professional compatibility, then presents you with your best "potential matches" one-by-one on your phone.

From there, simply swipe left or right to anonymously indicate if you're interested in connecting. When the interest is mutual, a match forms and you can chat with the person directly within the app - it's that simple. With applications for colleges & universities, conferences & events and large organizations & corporations, Valor is a powerful new product that will change the way we approach meeting people you actually want to meet.


Marketing/Public Relations Intern

June 2016 - September 2016 Bethlehem, PA
“The start-up environment really provided an "all hands on deck" experience for me. Gained tangible skills in multiple fields such as graphic design, advertising, and editing. ”
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