What was it like being an intern at a medical devices company like Varian?

A day in the life of a Marketing Intern at Varian depends heavily on which team you work for and if it is focused on one product or at the corporate level. Either way, a large part of the job is researching and learning about the product(s) in depth, so you can apply that knowledge to marketing t...
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From an insider's point of view, what was the company culture at Varian?

At Varian, people are very independent in their task assignments. Although we had almost daily meetings, most people worked alone throughout the day. Of course, I spent a lot of time working with my software development lead, but when testing the product and investigating defects, I was usually o...
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Did you find the work-life balance at Varian "good" for an intern?

Anyone at Varian will tell you that there is a culture that values work/life balance and keeping its employees happy and therefore more efficient. Interns are expected to work approximately 40 hours a week. As an intern at Varian, I felt like I was able to maintain a good balance between work and...
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I just landed an interview for Varian's Software Developer position, can someone with experience offer insider tips to do well?

Varian has a legacy product which is built using .net. but now whole technology stack is changing mainly Java, Angular Js, react Js and most importantly devops. Varian is also looking for students for data scientist position at some locations. So depending in the interest on should highlight th...
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