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About VAW Global Health Alliance

VAW Global Health Alliances (VAW Global) is a global health and development organization committed to cultivating sustainable and equitable partnerships with local communities and professionals through support and capacity-building for essential and accessible health services. Our focus is to work hand-in-hand with local initiatives and leaders to provide communities with improved access to medical, dental, and veterinary treatment, medication, nutritional security, clean water, and health education.


Team Leader

January 2023 - December 2023 Bocas del Toro Province, Bocas del Toro
“It was a very good leadership opportunity and a chance to grow both as a leader and a person. Plus getting to experience a different culture and helping medically underserved communities. ”

Team Leader

August 2020 - May 2023 Denver, CO
“As the team leader for two impactful mission trips under my guidance, I can attest to the extraordinary experiences we shared. Our journey to Peru was a testament to compassion and service, delivering essential dental care to underserved communities. The impact, cultural immersion, and heartfelt connections forged during this trip were truly unforgettable. Building on the success in Peru, our expedition to Guatemala exceeded expectations, showcasing seamless organization, unwavering dedication, and genuine care for the communities. Witnessing the positive transformations in oral health and the joy we brought to those we served left an indelible mark on all of us. These transformative experiences have not only broadened our perspective on global healthcare but have also instilled a lifelong commitment to positive change. ”
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