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VCapital is a professionally managed venture capital firm led by a proven team that has never had a down decade in the past 30 years. We are generally focused on early-stage businesses in the life science and information technology space:

(a) Whose potential has already been demonstrated through a successful angel/seed investment stage and

(b) That can, with additional capital, continue to move forward to grow and to deliver a significant opportunity for select investors.

We work with businesses on the verge of significant growth to ensure they have the money and talent to move forward.

We work with individual investors ready to make a difference by investing in the businesses of tomorrow. Our accredited investors are able to make significant investments for potentially significant returns from companies poised to make their mark.

We work with angel groups seeking follow-on funding of their high-potential ventures as well as with angel investing groups looking to diversify with our highly curated opportunities.

We have reviewed thousands of business plans, decks and presentations; met with many founders; served on Boards; and worked closely with entrepreneurs to help facilitate numerous exits. Only a select few companies are offered here for investment: those that we feel bring the best potential for a successful outcome.

How we are different
VCapital focuses on funding in the $500k – $5 million range, an underserved target that takes nascent startup companies from good ideas to great businesses. We provide critical funding after entrepreneurs have tapped friends, family and early seed money, and have shown the potential of their business β€” yet before their companies are large enough to be attractive to institutional investors. This creates significant opportunity for our discerning investors.


Marketing Intern

January 2020 - August 2020 Chicago, IL
β€œThe team was very nice, Richard, Jim, Barb, Ryan, and Peter were all very helpful and kind with getting me involved and integrated within their team. ”
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