Vee Pak LLC

About Vee Pak LLC

For 25 years Vee Pak has served the health and beauty industry as a system-based contract manufacturer.  We specialize in the development and distribution of the world's most noticeable personal care and OTC drug products.  Vee Pak is headquartered in Chicagoland and operates additional processing facilities in both Illinois and Ohio. 


Engineering Intern

May 2018 - August 2018 Countryside, IL
“Freedom of choice, in the second half of the internship, to decide what project(s) I can start on and to experience the role of project management when tackling capital engineering projects. Since the facility is small, there were many opportunities in getting to know the engineers, HR staff, and analytical chemists and to learn about their functions that make Vee Pak possible.”

Factory Worker

June 2018 - August 2018 Countryside, IL
“There are a wide range of people that I was able to connect with both close to my age and much older. The different jobs I performed, while sometimes were boring, gave me perspective on what people of the minorities have to deal with full-time. Also, factory workers are amazing. The tolerance they have for doing things that for me were extremely hard to deal with is.....just wow. The packers had to stand for 10 hours packing. (The shifts were 10 hours each). I was part of them for 1 day and after I had felt as if my arms will rip off. The factory building is huge (coming from a person that has never visited a factory until their first day on the job). There are many different sounds one hears: the sound of the forklift driving/reversing, the machinery, mumbled voices of people talking. It was great to hear all of them. Factories contain assembly lines. Some are hard to manage, others easy. I got to experience both. Let me tell you, the easy ones were the boring ones. But, in the 6 days throughout 4 weeks I worked there, a really different and unique experience that I hope I won't have to experience again. (I mean, I want to achieve my dream job. Hopefully, I will. If not, I know what is waiting for me)”
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