About Venerable

Venerable is a business with well-established, strategic investors, experienced in successfully building and growing insurance businesses with patient, long-term capital. Uniquely positioned for growth, we are ready to deliver solutions to companies that seek to restructure their current variable annuity portfolios.

Our Expertise

Singular VA Focus: We are singularly focused on acquiring and optimizing the value of variable annuity blocks, ensuring best-in-class underwriting and in-force management capabilities.

Strong Capitalization: Our robust capital base supports our financial strength and with excess capital readily available for deployment, Venerable is ideally positioned for growth.

Industry-Leading Hedging and Risk Management: Our risk management function maintains a hedge program that has consistently protected and grown our excess capital even throughout volatile market environments.

Conservative Investment Management Strategy: Our investment portfolio is developed to closely match asset with liability risk profiles and provide ample liquidity for our hedge program needs.

State-of-the-Art Technology and Operations: We operate on a fully scalable and cloud-based platform with over 300 highly experienced professionals in Iowa, Pennsylvania and New York.

Demonstrated Execution Capabilities: We have a highly experienced in-house team with proven execution capabilities who are ready to expeditiously execute value enhancing transactions for counterparties.

Our mission is to provide innovative risk transfer solutions to companies with variable annuity blocks who seek to rebuild a secure financial future. Our vision is to be the answer for companies focused on long term prosperity. Together, we are visionaries. We embrace change, overcome challenges and act like owners. We inspire, support, and empower one another. We thrive on trust, decisiveness, and transparency.

What is Venerable's culture like?

Remaining connected to each other, our customers, our investors, and our community is core to the Venerable culture. This is enabled through regular all-employee town hall events, functional level leader meetings, collaboration through online tools and resources, employee social gatherings, and weekly communications and engaging intranet content. As a result, our employee engagement scores regularly exceed industry benchmark, with our recent survey obtaining a 98% response rate and 86% satisfaction score.

Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion

We are committed to dismantling and eliminating systemic racism and invested in ensuring change is constantly evolving. As an organization, Venerable stands by our core values and consistently works to sustain an equitable environment where diverse perspectives and backgrounds are core to ensuring organizational success.

Our Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion program is led by colleagues representing every area of our organization. We regularly celebrate each other by sharing personal experiences and strive to help each other understand how continuous learning influences change within and outside of our organization. In addition to action related to education and perspective seeking, we are also focused on training, our investment philosophy, volunteerism, and human resource practices.

We are also proud members of CEO Action for Diversity & Inclusion, participants in supporting events in the communities in which we operate, and contributors to the Society of Black Actuaries and Federation of Iowa Insurers Race and Insurance working group.


Actuarial Intern

June 2019 - September 2019 West Chester, PA
“The people I worked with were amazing and the work I had challenged me to the right extent. ”
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