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How do I prepare for an interview for a Freelance Videographer position at Vermont PBS?

Taking courses that involve film making and photography help. Also interning with them will give you a leg up in getting a paid job with because during the internship, you get to choose what you want to focus on and they will give you projects that help you gain work experience.
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What's a day in the life of a Freelance Videographer at Vermont PBS like?

While being a freelance photographer, you get to help out when ever the opportunity arises- such as an interview with a politician or someone that PBS wants to do a story on. You can either wait for them to call u or you can call them to see if there are any projects for you to work on. Pretty mu...
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How well did your major, Communication-BS, prepare you for your job as a Freelance Videographer at Vermont PBS?

My communications degree helped me tremendously for my freelance position at Vermont PBS. By having a communications degree, it helped me gain and strengthen my media skills within film, photography, writing and verbal communication.
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