Village Shalom


June 2021 • Overland Park, KS

What I liked

I really enjoyed working with the staff at this location, they were all very welcoming, helpful, and kind, which made me excited to work in this environment, and I felt comfortable enough to ask questions to ensure I was providing my best care for the residents. The staff was very close and helped each other out to accomplish tasks and worked together very well as a team, and I felt welcomed and integrated into the team very quickly and well. The scheduling team is very flexible and understood my need to be a student first, which I really appreciated.

What I wish was different

I wish that I had started working there sooner to get even more experience and exposure to this work, since the COVID-19 pandemic created some hiccups in scheduling for me, and it was difficult to balance work and keeping my immunocompromised parent safe from me accidentally transmitting the virus from work to home. However this organization was very flexible and worked well with the nursing staff to ensure everyone was being safe and keeping the residents safe as well.


I would advise anyone who is interested in healthcare to find an opportunity similar to this one to get a strong and rich educational , hands-on experience in nursing and grow your skills while studying in school or during your breaks to act as an enriching experience for supplemental professional development.
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