Virginia Beach Surf & Rescue Museum

About Virginia Beach Surf & Rescue Museum

The Virginia Beach Surf & Rescue Museum is a maritime museum located at 24th Street on the Boardwalk in Virginia Beach. The museum explores Virginia's coastal communities and maritime heritage. It honors our past and anchors to our community.

The museum is housed in a 1903 Life-Saving Service building. Our galleries show how the Life-Saving Service helped the United States boom economically in the post-Civil War era by stabilizing commercial shipping. They also reveal how this prosperity allowed for the development of Virginia Beach as a tourist destination throughout the 20th century.


Programs Intern

May 2018 - August 2018 Virginia Beach, VA
“I loved this internship experience because it gave me so much room to expand my knowledge and skills while still feeling supported in the process. I was able to see all the different things needed to make a museum function, and I was able to get hands-on experience in all facets of museum work. This job made me feel much more confident in my skills, and made me more certain of what specific career I wanted to persue. ”
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