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Visa Franchise ( supports foreign nationals that would like to own a U.S. franchise or business and qualify for the E-2 visa. We guide investors in identifying and analyzing the best franchise and business opportunities tailored to their specific objectives. In parallel, the immigration attorney supports the visa petition and related legal work. We match our client's skill set, desired location, and investment size, in addition to various other factors, to secure the best investment opportunity.

We have a vetted platform of over 100 franchises and businesses that qualify for investor visas and are expanding throughout the U.S. Already, we have researched over 2,900 franchises and businesses through the hundreds of client analysis reports we have created.

Our sister company, Vetted Biz (, is the leading platform for accessible and analytical data on franchises and businesses available in the U.S. Our goal at Vetted Biz is bring transparency to potential franchisee owners as they navigate the process of buying a franchise as well as franchisors that are vetting potential franchisees. Our research team has reviewed over 2,900 franchises and knows the key facts and data that signal a successful franchise system. Vetted Biz converts analytical data and complex business material into clear, easy-to-understand information that helps individuals find the best business opportunities for their future entrepreneurial goals.


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