Vital Voices Global Partnership

About Vital Voices Global Partnership

Our mission is to identify, invest in and bring visibility to extraordinary women around the world by unleashing their leadership potential to transform lives and accelerate peace and prosperity in their communities.

Vital Voices Global Partnership is the preeminent non-governmental organization (NGO) that identifies, trains and empowers emerging women leaders and social entrepreneurs around the globe, enabling them to create a better world for us all.

-We are at the forefront of international coalitions to combat human trafficking and other forms of violence against women and girls.
-We enable women to become change agents in their governments, advocates for social justice, and supporters of democracy and the rule of law.
-We equip women with management, business development, marketing, and communications skills to expand their enterprises, help to provide for their families, and create jobs in their communities.

Our international staff and team of over 1,000 partners, pro bono experts and leaders, including senior government, corporate and NGO executives, have trained and mentored more than 14,000 emerging women leaders from over 144 countries in Africa, Asia, Eurasia, Latin America and the Caribbean, and the Middle East since 1997. These women have returned home to train and mentor more than 500,000 additional women and girls in their communities. They are the Vital Voices of our time.


Economic Empowerment and Entrepreneurship Intern

June 2020 - August 2020 Washington, DC
“High energy team, tangible work products, frequent interaction with both staff and network women, high levels of trust places in interns, very friendly staff willing to help you excel”

Human Rights Intern

January 2020 - April 2020 Washington, DC
“I loved being a part of the human rights team because everybody was so passionate about what we were doing. There were so many opportunities to learn from individuals who have done so much advocacy and work on the behalf of women and girls.”
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