Vizzia Technologies

RTLS Specialist

May 2017 • Atlanta, GA

What I liked

The experience of representing a brand when it is building up its image was great. My interactions with clients were extremely important on sales and installing the technology in the Hospitals.

What I wish was different

I wish I would have not experience all of the racism I did at certain hospitals. When you are young, black, and male walking into predominately white hospital they could either be really friendly or not. I had to maintain a professional demeanor even though the people trying to enrage me did not. Also the management was messy. The managers did not have a lot of vision, scope, and micro management skills, so we would be waiting on things that should have been done to work.


It is good to work jobs while you are young that put you outside of your comfort zone so you can grow and develop different side of your self. It will make you more well rounded and confident in yourself because you have proved and shown that you are capable time and time again. Also make sure that you are getting paid what you are worth because is most corporate structures they will cut cost as much as possible so make sure to shoot high and settle lower. Instead of shooting low and staying there.
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