VNDLY is a next-generation vendor management SaaS platform designed for procurement executives, talent acquisition teams, suppliers and managed service providers (MSPs) to collaborate on the corporation's contingent workforce needs. We develop cloud software that helps our customers streamline the talent sourcing and acquisition process across a variety of sources including staffing agencies, job boards and freelance management systems. We want our software to be so easy to use our company name is literally short for "Vendor Friendly". At VNDLY, our software does all of the heavy lifting for you, putting algorithms and data science to work in acquiring the right talent (Contractors or Full-time employees) and incorporating dashboards to provide complete visibility of the talent acquisition process.


Product Engineer Intern

May 2020 Mason, OH
“The work culture at VNDLY is second to none. The employees here are so welcoming and friendly. There is always someone around to help an intern get through the initial stages of work. The software developed and used is very amazing. Even in these unprecedented times of the COVID-19 pandemic, VNDLY was fully prepared and took care of its interns by providing them with flexible work option such as working from home. The services division of VNDLY is one of the best division to work in at the company. My team is very fun to work with and help me along whenever I need them. I got to learn a lot about the product and industry from experienced people. Everyone is easily approachable. Frequent interactions with the team through review calls, 1 to 1 meetings with our manager, and the happy hours we have make VNDLY one of the best growing start-ups and a great opportunity for students to learn. I've enjoyed every bit of my work as a Product Engineer intern so far and hope to continue working with the company in the near future. Looking at the way VNDLY is making its mark in the VMS industry , I would definitely would recommend people to work at VNDLY.”

Software Engineer Intern

May 2020 - August 2020 Mason, OH
“As an intern with no prior experience, I had a lot of questions so what I love the most about working at VNDLY is that everyone is so enthusiastic and willing to help each other. I had many one-to-one sessions with other developers to walk through my code, discuss ticket requirements or to evaluate different approaches to a problem. During my internship, I was given complex problems involving both back-end and front-end work, which helps sharpen my skills and broaden my knowledge of web development. I also had the chance to meet with the founders of the company, which is a great networking opportunity. I received a lot of support and encouragement from other people at VNDLY. Overall, this internship is a great learning experience for me.”
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