About Volcom

We were born to chase what we are true to.
It’s not that we want to… WE HAVE TO.
We have a vision that turns obstacles into
A creative courage to tempt the impossible…
And embrace the strange.
Telling us to push further…
To try again.
Endlessly seeking elevation…
We are all connected by this same internal force.
Forever we chase that intoxicating moment when
our vision is realized…
The world around us goes quiet…
And for brief moments, we are more than alive.
True To This


Sales Associate

July 2018 - August 2018 Folsom, CA
“I really enjoyed the companies mission and work environment! I loved working in a retail setting, but also really enjoyed my boss' retail philosophy. He really challenged us to engage with customers in order to buy our products to establish rapport instead of only talking about coupons/deals.”

Product Imagery Intern

June 2017 - August 2017 Costa Mesa, CA
“Great company culture, and friendly people. I was always excited to show up the next day! There was always something going on at the office, especially since it was summer. I also learned a lot of techniques on Photoshop, and about retouching images. It was great experience working on the corporate end of things. ”
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