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Company Overview:
Vous Vitamin is a personalized vitamin company that simplifies the daily vitamin routine with digital shopping navigation and customized all-in-one multivitamin blends targeted to individual profiles. The company grew out of the research of two leading physician-experts in the space, Dr. Romy Block, an endocrinologist, and Dr. Arielle Levitan, an internist, co-authors of the award-winning book, The Vitamin Solution, and regular contributors in the national media on nutritional supplement science. Vous Vitamin analyzes personal health and lifestyle data to develop curated and properly-dosed multivitamins that cut down on unnecessary pills and category cost, while delivering superior impact to off-the-shelf “A to Z” multivitamins built on crude classifications of gender and age.

For more information, please contact:
Brad Helfand
COO, Vous Vitamin
M: 312.550.1129


Marketing Intern

June 2020 - August 2020 Chicago, IL
“Boss was great with communication; tasks assigned were actually relevant to the company's progress.”
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