VT San Antonio Aerospace,Inc.

EHS Intern

September 2019 • San Antonio, TX

What I liked

I really enjoyed being in the field working to understand the nuances of how to run a day to day safety program. There are challenges, but there are also rewards and great learning experience. I've enjoyed my time with the company, there are some really amazing people here and they have tried to help me succeed. The EHS Manager allowed me to evaluate all the programs within the Safety Department and then we discussed where I could provide the most impact; building a strong foundation for my skill set while also making a difference in the company. The Senior Management is very supportive and excited to get a fresh look at the existing processes and find room for improvement.

What I wish was different

I wish that I had more time to focus on the projects. The first few weeks in any organization are tough, trying to build relationships and get a better understanding of how things work and how you can make a difference. A semester flies by so quick that you often just don't have the time and resources to complete everything on your agenda.


Come in with an open mind, strong work ethic and ready to work! They love having fresh ideas about how to improve their existing programs, but sometimes things are just complicated. The biggest thing is don't get too frustrated and don't be afraid to call a friend or mentor for help when you're in over your head.
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