W. W. Gay Mechanical Contractor, Inc.

Mechanical Engineering Intern

June - August 2019 • Jacksonville, FL

What I liked

I really enjoyed getting to see the behind the scenes in design in HVAC systems, duct-work, plumbing, and fire safety in the local hospitals around Jacksonville, and how they go through the design process. It was also nice to be surrounded by people that were working the career I hope to work in the future because they were able to pour their experiences and knowledge into me to help me get a better understanding of what I want to do whenever I graduate.

What I wish was different

I wish I could've gained field experience in what I was learning in the office just so I could visualize what I am helping design and create.


Make sure that you ask tons of questions and try to gain as much knowledge as possible whenever you are taking courses and completing internships and jobs. Knowledge is power. Also pour into those relationships with the people that you are getting to know in your field as one day they may be the connection you need to get a certain job/position you want.
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