Wag Labs, Inc.

What's a day in the life of a dog walker at Wag Labs like?

I get to work on my own times so if I get a wag notification from my phone I can decide whether I want to do it or not. You're never forced to do a walk unless you already commit and it's really the best experience for a college job just because college can be so overwhelming as it is. Being able...
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How do I prepare for an interview for a Dog Walker position at Wag Labs, Inc.?

Its an online interview. You film yourself answering the questions given which was basically the procedures in walking a dog and what you would do and treat the client. I say just think about the question a lot beforehand and take multiple different videos. The in person "interview" is just talki...
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How much work-life balance should I expect to have as a dog walker at Wag Labs, Inc.?

Sometimes it becomes hard to obtain a walk since they get booked out very fast and there are plenty more walkers than dogs who need walks so it can feel like there is more life than work and you might not even be able to book a dog walk for a week.
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How was the interview experience for a Wag Dog Walker position at Wag Labs, Inc.?

The interview was all online. I had to take online quizzes about how to put on different harnesses properly. I also had to make a 60-second video of myself answering a question (the question asked what I do when I approach an unfamiliar dog for the first time).
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How would you describe the company culture at Wag Labs, Inc.?

It is really difficult to get a hold of anyone on the Wag Labs team if there is ever an issue with your walk. I have experienced many issues, but the walker service hotline is always busy and they respond late.
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What did you like and dislike about being a Dog Walker at Wag Labs, Inc.?

I absolutely love spending time with dogs. I also really enjoy our pay because to be honest we get payed pretty well for a college student. What I don't like is that there is not much company culture or dog walker benefits/appreciation. Also their dog walker app is not very user friendly.
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