Weigand Construction Co., Inc.

Business Development Coordinator

May 2019 • Fort Wayne, IN

What I liked

Having an internship with Weigand in 2018 helped me get plugged into the business and learn my way around the company. That experience also led to a job offer! My career is full of busy times, slow times, stressful times, and rewarding times! At this point in my life, I can't see myself working anywhere else... It's such a good fit for me!

What I wish was different

I wouldn't have asked for anything different, my new career with Weigand is great! The experience working in a company such as this has made my transition from college super easy.


The workplace and the classroom are very different. Both have their strengths, but internships and professional experiences in the field of your choosing can help make your post-college life so much smoother. While not every experience is perfect (I've had my fair share of bad internships), there's always something new and exciting to learn somewhere, so keep looking!
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