Wellness Pet Company

About Wellness Pet Company

The Wellness Pet Company crafts and produces premium natural pet food, treats, and dental chews. We believe that natural, premium nutrition focused on proven health outcomes is the foundation of creating mutual wellbeing for pets and their families. As a community of people, Wellies are positively obsessed with how to win for pets and their parents. We believe in the difference we make every single day, and we know that when we work collaboratively, Wellies are unstoppable -- Not only in providing the best nutrition to pets, but in building a better tomorrow for pets, their parents, and the world.


Accounting Intern

June 2018 - August 2018 Tewksbury, MA
“I loved working with interns from different departments and seeing all aspects of the company. It really showed how all the pieces of the company flowed together and how they are dependent on one another.”
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