West Haven City Recreation

Camp Counselor

July 2014 • West Haven, CT

What I liked

I loved the whole atmosphere of being there I like working with young kids and playing camp games with them. Seeing them excited and one of the many reasons I took up the teaching profession. It’s a job that isn’t to strenuous and pays pretty good too.

What I wish was different

Honestly I love working there so much and have worked there for so long that I really don’t see there be a need for change. I feel there is an equal balance of everything that goes on there


One piece of advice I’d give is to be very patient because you’ll get kids who can be a lot but sometimes you need to just be patient and wait it out because the kids are here to have a fun time and they can get reckless and some don’t know better that what they do is wrong so just being patient and not yelling at them helps them understand and keep a good relationship with you
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