Western Trailer


May - August 2018 • Boise, ID

What I liked

I appreciated working along side of experienced welders and fabricators of 20+ years. The skills I took from them will carry me through my engineering program and into the field. And old welders are hands down the funniest people. Experiencing what it takes to assemble a 53' trailer in 5 hours was eye-opening. It also showed me the delicate relation between engineers and fabricators. In a four year engineering program nothing could prepare you to design something perfectly, and fabricators will make that very clear to you. I loved the experience, and would recommend to any engineering student.

What I wish was different

I wish I got paid some more. Tuition is expensive.


You should take everything with a grain of salt, even from the most experienced person. People like their own process and don't like if you do it differently. Don't be afraid to offer suggestions, ask questions all the time, and do everything with a purpose.
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