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At WeWork, we provide inspiring and flexible workplace solutions to help businesses - small, medium or large - thrive in more than 150 cities globally. The future of work is happening right now, and we are leading this moment. United by a common purpose, here we will empower tomorrow’s world at work. Join us on our journey as we give our members the freedom and support to push boundaries in their industries, and work to redefine our own.


Real Estate Finance Intern

June 2021 - August 2021 New York City, NY
“I really enjoyed the in-person internship experience. I was very fortunate to have a great team that taught me a lot. I had no real estate background coming into this internship but I had two wonderful buddies that helped me as well as a network of people who were so willing to answer any questions I had. I worked on so many cool projects that I found myself leveraging that in other job interviews and in classroom settings!”

Process Optimization Finance Intern

June 2019 - August 2019 New York City, NY
“I loved meeting with business students from other business schools and liberal arts programs and comparing our experiences. We all landed at a WeWork internship, but the way we landed there all differed. Students in artsy majors were trying out the interior design program, and Ivy League computer programmers were changing the way the managers do their work. It was an incredible opportunity to work closely with such a high achieving group, from a diverse background. The work that I did was fully integrated with managers and I genuinely was making an impact on my team's productivity week by week. This was a very gratifying aspect of the work. There was always something to get done and I learned something new from every project. ”
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