White House Internship Program

Presidential Correspondence Intern

September - December 2015 • Washington, DC

What I liked

I honestly loved coming into work everyday genuinely excited to do the work that was put in front of me, and feeling like the smallest effort carried a really palpable impact. I also realized how blessed I was to be sitting in a room with so many brilliant like-minded individuals all driven to make sacrifices and put in hard hours in order to dedicate themselves to public service.

What I wish was different

I honestly wish I had more time at the internship, both in terms of scheduling and the actual length of the internship. I boldly decided to remain a full-time student while interning full-time (which the Registrar technically does not allow) so I was running from place to place all the time. I love keeping busy, but by the time I had gotten into a comfortable rhythm, the internship program had ended and I felt I didn't get as much time as I should have out of the internship.


Say yes to every opportunity that gets thrown at you throughout the course of the internship. Make friends with your intern class, and attend only the events that you're most interested in so you can build a strong relationship with you specific sub-department office
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