Whittier Area Literacy Council

About Whittier Area Literacy Council

The mission of the Whittier Area Literacy Council is to build a stronger, more literate community by connecting those who can help with those who need it the most. Trained volunteers provide free, individualized tutoring in basic literacy and English as a Second Language for adults and children so they can reach their academic, life, or occupational goals. We believe that literacy is a human right and we invest our time, effort and skills into changing lives, one person at a time. We value the commitment of our tutors and the persistence of our students.


Literacy Tutor

September 2020 Whittier, CA
“The Whittier Area Literacy Council is a wonderful organization to be a part of. I am constantly in awe of the compassion that the tutors and students in this program give and receive. It is a unique job and one where you are constantly learning along with your students and are able to give back to the community by way of teaching. The environment is wonderfully nurturing as well and there is a strong sense of camaraderie among the tutors who work here. ”

Reading Tutor

September 2020 - May 2021 Whittier, CA
“I loved that I was able to work with students and see their accomplishments first hand. Something about a student being excited to learn is such an amazing feeling. I also loved that it was something so personal between me and the student, I got to build a relationship with them and their parents/family. I felt like I had purpose. ”
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