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About Whittier College Athletics

The mission of Whittier College is fulfilled through the ideals of excellence, diversity, service, and community. The intercollegiate athletics program promotes optimal physical, emotional, and personal development in its student-athletes, supplements the classroom experience, and provides balance to academic life.

Participation in the maximum number and variety of athletics opportunities, with the best possible facilities, coaching personnel, and competitive opportunities, supports the mission of the College and is key to fulfilling its ideals.

The intercollegiate athletic program is integral to the institution and enhances the overall quality of the educational experience. Participation in the College's sports programs contributes to the academic success of its student-athletes, improves the quality of campus life by providing a shared entertainment and social activity for the campus community, and is a source of institutional pride.


Camp Counselor

June 2019 - July 2019 Whittier, CA
“Working with the children.”
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