Wichita Area Metropolitan Planning Organization

About Wichita Area Metropolitan Planning Organization

The Wichita Area Planning Organization (or WAMPO, for short) serves 22 cities and all or part of 3 counties in south central Kansas. We, along with our federal, state, and local planning partners, are responsible for transportation planning in our metro area.


Multimedia Communication Analyst

June 2019 - December 2019 Wichita, KS
“Everyone in the WAMPO office is very friendly, resourceful, and positive. I could tell that they were genuine and truly wanted to help find my intern partner and I job opportunities in the future. I enjoyed taking on the challenge of creating visualizations through videos and graphics to represent the metropolitan transportation plan in a more tangible way. I entered this internship with basic Premiere Pro video editing skills, but creating a total of 7 videos in collaboration with my intern partner vastly expanded our skillsets in video creation. Through trial and error (along with some greatly appreciated creative license), I had the opportunity to learn how to create basic animations using graphics I built in Canva and transferring them into the Premiere Pro program. Working for WAMPO has greatly built my confidence in video editing, and I know in December I will be leaving with a more passionate outlook on how the transportation system in the WAMPO region works and what we can expect to see in the future. Through the interviews we conducted, my partner and I were also given a few networking opportunities! We were able to meet with a gentleman who had worked on Lucas Film Productions and who is now working with VR video. Hearing from other perspectives about the job market when it comes to video creation was inspiring and motivating, to say the least. Plus, I really appreciated the option to work remotely -- juggling this internship along with my other job and weekly babysitting was a huge help to keeping my schedule at bay!”
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