Wildlife Works, Inc

About Wildlife Works, Inc

Wildlife Works, Inc is a volunteer-based, non-profit organization serving Westmoreland County and surrounding areas, dedicated to the rehabilitation and release of distressed wildlife and the promotion of responsible attitudes about the preservation of native species, habitat, and the environment.
WWI rehabilitates injured, ill and orphaned mammals, songbirds, and birds of prey who have been victims of human interference, environmental contamination, or habitat destruction. Because people and their activities are often responsible, directly or indirectly, we believe we are obligated to help these wildlings.
WWI is not federally funded and exists entirely on donations. Dedicated volunteers donate hundreds of hours assisting in the care of animals, fundraising, and helping with emergencies. If you are interested in helping, please contact us!


Wildlife Rescue Volunteer

August 2018 Youngwood, PA
“I enjoyed working with animals and helping to rehabilitate them. ”
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