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Video Production Intern

June 2019 - August 2019 Rochester, NY
“I had the opportunity to work with Scott Pukos at the Little Theatre. I had a wonderful experience collaborating with him to both serve the needs of the theatre as well as develop my own creative skills. I felt that my working environment was understanding, flexible, and encouraging, and I frequently felt welcomed by other employees at WXXI. Though the majority of my time was spent producing video content for the Little, I was also able to take time in assisting with their website, specifically performances at the Little Café. This was part of the Humanities for Life Internship, which allowed and encouraged me to step outside of my comfort zone and engage deeper with the arts as a whole in Rochester. ”

Radio Station Audio Engineer

June 2019 - August 2019 Rochester, NY
“Even though I was an intern, I was given a similar amount of respect as the paid staff did. While working at WXXI, I was tasked with many different responsibilities, the first being tasked with assisting with Mixing, Editing, and Recording Audio for Radio and Television. Many projects I worked alongside my supervisors and some I worked on myself. This also ties into my responsibilities of setting up sessions and proofing mixes. Almost once a week, I assisted in connecting ISDNs (Integrated Services Digital Network) for mostly third-party remote interviews. Throughout the station, I worked on Equipment Trouble Shooting, particularly dealing with Avid and Wheatstone products. Every Friday, I attended the Engineering department meetings and occasionally attended the all staff WXXI meetings assuming Andrew and I were available to attend. I helped label and archive broadcast recordings on CDs, but being so, archiving was a very minimal part of my internship. While at WXXI, I also was a stand in actor for a children’s online video, attended the LSI Conference in Rochester, helped build a Guitar/Bass Amp, took the WXXI Audio Truck for inspection, and visited the Magic Spell Studio at the Rochester Institute of Technology. When I had down time, I was able to shadow a few different employees, including the 91.5 Classical host and other broadcast hosts. I also found time to work on personal audio projects and practice in the live room.”
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