About Wyndy

Wyndy is a Birmingham-based company that launched in 2017 and is now in over 20 markets across the Southeast. We're looking for talented students to join us as we continue to grow.

Wyndy has turned babysitting into a flexible yet lucrative part-time job for students. On average our Wyndy's make $15 per hour with an average of $60 per job. When a Wyndy does a great job for one family, the app endorses that Wyndy to all of the parents' friends, which helps them get even more jobs in the future.

Wyndy also helps students build valuable relationships with adults in the community and create a living resume. Students can tell future employers that they were able to manage school and also maintain a great rating while serving hundreds of families as a Wyndy, thus showing employers that the students know how to manage their time and how to work with people--two of the most critical skills in any professional field.

To get started, visit and take 15 minutes or less to complete our online application.



March 2020 - July 2020 New Orleans, LA
“I love being able to meet god families for which to babysit! They are precious, and I've made some wonderful connections in the areas that I babysit (both NOLA and Jackson, MS)”

Marketing Growth Intern

August 2019 - December 2019 Birmingham, AL
“I like that it's a pretty chill environment and that there is always something to do. One of my concerns going into my senior year was that I didn't really have a feel of what it was like to be apart of a marketing team and I didn't have any hands on experience. This is definitely not an issue anymore. A lot of the things I'm learning within this internship coincide with the what I'm learning in my classes. If you are in marketing, I really recommend doing this internship. You will learn a lot and you get to be apart of a growing company! It also helps that the people here are really nice, so it's a really enjoyable work environment. ”
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