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About Wyoming Medical Center

Wyoming Medical Center advances the health and wellness of our region and community by providing excellent healthcare services and exceptional experience at reasonable costs. Our highly skilled integrated and engaged team ensures you are well cared for by WMC. Wyoming Medical Center seeks to transform the lives of those we serve by fostering the highest level of health and wellness in our community and across our region and state. To fulfill our vision, WMC will provide an inclusionary environment that: Provides Wyoming’s premier healthcare services and the best patient experience tailored to individual need using innovation. Embraces the whole person and their family through the lifecycle of healthcare, including partnering with community and regional providers. Creates a culture of pride that attends to the health and wellness of our staff. Promotes teamwork and instills a culture of pride that allows staff to reach their potential. Fosters innovation. Every member of our staff plays a defining role in how the coming changes in healthcare will shape the health of our community


Hospital Aide

April 2019 - September 2019 Casper, WY
“Very easy and you learn a ton about how the medical field works ”
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