YAI - Seeing Beyond Disability

About YAI - Seeing Beyond Disability

YAI is a network of agencies offering children and adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities a comprehensive range of services. Our mission is to help others achieve the fullest life possible by creating new opportunities for living, loving, working and learning.

Founded in 1957, YAI is at the forefront of an extraordinary new movement aimed at replacing outmoded ideas of dependence with strategies designed to empower the individuals we support and their families. YAI’s workforce of nearly 4,000 employees, provides a variety of programs, including; information and referral, school-age programs, family support, primary and specialty health care, mental health and rehabilitation, day services, employment training and placement and residential opportunities.



July 2023 Brentwood, NY
“Being surrounded by really caring people and helping residents feel more comfortable and accepted.”

Special Education Teaching Assistant

January 2019 - June 2019 New York City, NY
“Wonderful teaching staff that really engages with students.”
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