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About Yakima Chief Ranches

Originally formed in the late 1980’s, YCR is a crop research company specializing in the development and management of novel hop varieties for the global brewing industry. YCR is a partner in Hop Breeding Company, LLC (HBC). YCR’s purpose is to create, build, and protect value for all, through development of first class hop varieties, a relentless pursuit of quality, and building meaningful relationships. We envision a new normal in the hop trade where mutual benefit between stakeholders is the key driver of success. A truly sustainable industry. Realization of our vision requires adherence to our core values:

- Be creative: Innovative ideas power improvement. Creativity is essential in our approach to R&D, our operations, and our relationships.

- Be accountable: No one should be able to question our character. Foster transparency by doing the right thing, working hard, and delivering on our promises.

- Contribute: Recognize our success is dependent on healthy communities and relationships. Cultivate positive relationships, be proactive, be helpful, and make a difference.

- Grow: Pursue opportunities to learn and grow, not just in business, but personally as well.

- Be bold: Creating a new normal and doing so while adhering to these principles will require nothing less than courage and drive.


Quality Assurance Intern

June 2022 - September 2022 Zillah, WA
“This internship offers a great introduction to the hops industry. As an intern, I had the opportunity to learn about several aspects of hop and beer production, including field work, hop harvest, breeding, sensory and brewing. We traveled to fields across Washington, Idaho and Oregon. This allowed us to meet with growers and brewers to learn about their company and experiences, as well as many of the field and greenhouse workers.”

Quality Assurance Intern

March 2019 - August 2019 Yakima, WA
“This internship was an outstanding opportunity to grow and learn from industry leading professionals, that truly care about you, in a fascinating, exciting, fast paced industry. ”
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