About Youthfront

Youthfront is a community-oriented organization committed to creating holistic, missional environments that foster Christian formation. We often serve as a "para-ministry", working alongside churches to serve their communities. Above all, we exist to bring youth into a growing relationship with Jesus Christ.

We have two camp locations located in Lacygne & Edgerton, KS. In the past, most people would associate Youthfront with our camp ministries, but our heart and vision reach far beyond our camp properties. Our YF Neighborhood program partners with the Argentine District in KC, and in 2021, we opened Presence-Centered Counseling, a counseling center located at our headquarters in Kansas City, KS.

This year, we are HIRING for multiple positions across our different branches of ministry. Check out our current jobs to find out more!

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Our Mission and Values:

Knowing that the greatest contribution that we can make to the Christian formation of others is the example of our own lives, Youthfront is committed to pursuing passionate intimacy with Jesus Christ. Out of an overflow of an intimate relationship with Jesus, we commit to sharing life together, building meaningful relationships that extend God’s love to one another.

A growing relationship with Jesus Christ involves the renewal of the whole person. A healthy condition of the spiritual, physical, mental and social aspects of our lives are critical to a sturdy, growing relationship with Jesus Christ. Youthfront is committed to helping youth workers and students develop their entire being.

As the Church seeks to find ways to cooperate with God’s mission to restore the world, Youthfront is passionately committed to assisting in this endeavor. Youthfront’s camps, programs, training, resources, experiences and other ministry initiatives are intentionally designed to assist the Church in contextualizing the good news of Jesus Christ. We strive to be creative youth workers who engage in theology, ministry, formation, practice, relationships, service and life with a prophetic imagination that cooperates fully with the Mission of God.

The external factors and conditions that surround people influence and affect their lives. Youthfront is committed to nurturing environments for youth workers and students to encounter God in a transformational way. While we know that transformation is the work of the Holy Spirit and not a formula that we enact, we will intentionally create environments of space, time, hospitality and community. The environments that Youthfront creates are intended to help youth workers and students discover, explore and experience God.

We believe that evangelism and discipleship are a process of one’s life-long spiritual journey. We are committed to helping youth workers and students embrace the essential elements of the Christian faith. We are devoted to the calling, inspiring and equipping of youth workers and students toward the pursuit of becoming like Jesus Christ through the work of the Holy Spirit, Scripture, the Church community, prayer and other spiritual practices.

We believe that at the heart of the universe is a Triune God marked by relationships of equality, mutuality, and reciprocity. In the image of this Trinitarian community, we were created to reflect and imitate these same qualities in our relationships with one another. When Jesus walked this earth, he consistently disrupted power and relocated it by going out of his way to include ethnic and religious outsiders, women, persons with disabilities, and other marginalized people into God’s Kingdom mission. When the Spirit came on Pentecost, God again enacted this desire for intimacy with all people gathering together God’s long-lost children who had been estranged by the dividing walls of ethnicity, language, religion, gender, and class to create one new humanity out of the many. At Youthfront, we believe that this work of mending the divisions and healing the hurt in a broken world, is at the heart of God’s mission and our calling as Christians in this world.

We commit ourselves to love not with words or speech but with actions and in truth, creating new structures of belonging so that those who have been underrepresented in our organization are fully at home and are empowered as co-creators of our future. We bend our lives towards this future with humility, recognizing that change is costly, requires sacrifice, and gives greater honor to those who have lacked it to attain equitable participation (1 Cor. 12:15-26).


Cabin Leader

May 2022 Edgerton, KS
“I had a great experience working at Youthfront. The community amongst the other summer staff (other college students) is awesome. Each day, you get to be an important part of the lives of campers which is a truly wonderful experience. Working in a summer camp environment is also an amazing way to unleash your inner child again. ”

Program Coordinator

May 2017 Edgerton, KS
“The community that is formed over just one summer working at Youthfront is the kind that will last for many years to come. Responsibility and hard work are encouraged along with a great balance between work and play. I also enjoyed the spiritual growth aspect of any job position at Youthfront. ”
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