Got any tips/suggestions for participants who'll be interviewing for a data engineer internship at Zensah?

Study the data engineering/science topics at college. For example, the data mining/machine learning courses will be good learning source and will prepare you for this position. Also be familiar with your most favorite programming language and frameworks to build and train the model.It would be be...
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I'd appreciate it if someone could share some insight into what it may be like working as a data engineer intern at Zensah!

You will take the initiative to come up with your own interested research topics, and explain how would that benefits the company. After that you will basically do the whole project by yourself with some help from the manager and other interns.You need to make your own development plan and try to...
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Just how well does a major in computer science help someone who's working as a data engineer intern at Zensah?

My work at Zensah is a typical software engineer/data engineer job so the algorithms, data structures, programming languages and frameworks are all important for this role.Also, since this position involves some data analysis, some class materials and project experience in machine learning and da...
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