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Baeble is a unique, tour-de-force of the music video programming business, extending high quality programming across a large network of outlets. Recognizing the potential for massive content distribution and growth via a main website, partner sites, and even television, Baeble has run circles around the next best things and their so-called results. That's because Baeble does what no other player in the space has achieved high quality, targeted music programming that appears across the media spectrum. All of its shows and video can be seen on its own powerful proprietary platform and selections are also part of the global syndicated video economy via YouTube, AOL ON, iTunes . and more. The company also powers through its Wordpress Plug-in video on a network of 100 and growing other music focused web sites. Baeble's high quality programming also makes the jump to traditional, established television networks and into 38 million cable homes via Concert TV's VOD channel and several international broadcasters.

Baeble is focused on Indie / Alternative music. And as many have already recognized, Indie music is the Motown of today. Not only is it "cool" to consume, it is simultaneously a demographic, a psychographic, and most importantly, a lifestyle. Like Motown, the term "indie" has evolved from its original meaning (independent music, free from major record labels or distribution chains) to a more comprehensive categorization of styles and tastes. The consumer of such tastes is often referred to as a "hipster", or someone who enjoys consuming a certain subsection of goods deemed "hip". The "hipster" is more than a stereotype; it's a real segment of consumers who enjoy a specific set of aesthetics which includes behaviors and trends, certain clothing and, most notably, indie music. The well-known archetype of "hipster" is an extreme composite of various "hip" lifestyle choices, but most people are some milder, more reasonable variation of these qualities. Indie music is usually the constant, because music is the most accessible, affordable, and simple way to be hip in today's world. It is far easier to manage than appearance or clothing, and cheaper to consume (or have knowledge of) in massive quantities. Indie music is the base level of hipness, and we find it slowly saturating all levels of consumerism in today's market. Thus ad campaigns and television spots are focused on not only compelling imagery to sell products, but the perfect new "indie" tune song to associate with their brand. Breaking a songs' popularity can be just as effective for brand awareness as a quality product. The synergy here has made the indie rock tune a powerful force in today's world.

Music is no longer just a sound; it hasn't been since "Video Killed the Radio Star". In today's world, an artist has an image, a brand, a cohesive package that artists and their managers spend time and effort creating and nurturing. The internet has changed the way this package is molded. Music videos, in today's world of viral marketing, are an incredible asset. One great video, just like a great song before it, can now change a career. With the passing of MTV as a televised music destination (unofficially dormant for years, finally stripping itself of the title in recent times), video pertaining to the music industry has largely shifted towards an online presence. YouTube is saturated with low-quality recordings of artists performing at venues across the country, especially here in New York City. There is a strong demand for this content, but as of yet, very few have made an effort to hold it to a higher standard. Baeble and its high quality exclusive programming have provided this missing element for labels and artists.

If you are a fan of Baeble and have a Wordpress powered site, you can all all or portions of our growing video library to your site in under 5 minutes. Simply get the Plug-in from the Wordpress and follow the simple steps to adding our video. The link is here - Baeblemusic Wordpress Plug-in.

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Editorial Intern

May 2017 - August 2017 New York City, NY
“For anyone looking to get their foot in the door in the world of music journalism, Baeble is a great place to start building a portfolio. The setting was casual, the hours were manageable, and the editorial team was always willing to share words of advice with the interns. There was a lot of creative freedom and writing 4 to 5 pieces a day pushed you to think outside the box. ”
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