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About BOCA Group

As a premier elevator and escalator consulting company, BOCA Group is the partner of choice for the biggest and best-known building owners and developers in America and around the world. Offering coast-to-coast and global coverage, unparalleled technical expertise and incomparable customer service, we have built an unrivaled reputation for quality in the vertical transportation industry.

Elevator and escalator systems are utilized year-round and designed specifically to meet the needs of the building and its tenants. Maintaining safe, reliable, and efficient elevator and escalator systems is critical when facilitating transportation throughout any building. An elevator consultant specializes in the testing, maintenance, design, and inspection of elevators and escalators.

As the industry leader in elevator and escalator consulting, BOCA Group is a fast-paced, rapidly growing company that offers a positive work environment, competitive salary and benefits, and exciting opportunities for talented individuals to make their mark.


Engineering Intern

June 2020 - August 2020 New York City, NY
“The work environment at BOCA makes me feel important and helps me be productive. I had the freedom to work on projects and plenty of opportunities to provide input on how to tackle an issue or change something. At BOCA, I was comfortable with sharing my opinion on how something was done and felt that my opinions were valued. I really liked how I was able to talk with actual engineers in the field, and accompany them on walkthroughs and field visits. I never felt like I was just doing "busy-work" or work that didn't really matter. One of the projects I worked on is still being used at the company today, which really makes me feel like my time there was valued. I also really enjoyed the final presentation where I got to sum up everything I did over the summer and show off what I had learned.”
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