About BoxScore

BoxScore is the real-time feedback tool that helps companies keep the pulse of their customers, the experience they provide to them, and improve the performance of their organization. We get a high response rate because it’s simple, easy, and takes people less than 30 seconds to complete. Rather than asking someone to complete a massive form, we boil it down into two simple questions: How well did the required task get done and how was the experience? You can measure a lot of things, but ultimately if you know these two pieces of information, you have actionable insights which improve customer experience & satisfaction, reduce customer acquisition costs, and improve the results of your organization.


Data Visualization Intern

June 2020 - August 2020 Indianapolis, IN
“BoxScore was amazing to work for. They gave me significant responsibilities and were helpful as I learned my role. The majority of my work was new to me, but all BoxScore employees were extremely helpful and willing to listen to my input. Patrick also helped me to begin networking within the startup world in Indianapolis. ”
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